Monday, May 11, 2015

Indiana visit

Last week we took time to visit our daughter and family in Indiana.  Their oldest son, was home from college so we got to spend time with him also.  Townsend just finished his first year at California Baptist University.
When he was in grade school, he had a friend that gave him this Statue of Liberty made with Lego bricks.  He has been missing a few pieces, so he ordered them and has finished the statue.

Don't think he will be taking this apart!!

They had dinner almost ready for us.  Townsend had picked out the recipe.  Yummy.

The younger kids are still in school.  Their school year doesn't end for a couple more weeks.

Clayton is just finishing up 3rd grade.

Colter is just finishing his sophomore year in high school.

McKenna wanted us to make a maxi skirt.  She always likes to do a sewing project with me.  She actually watched me do this project.  The fabric was a little hard to work with.

McKenna will be finishing up 8th grade and going into high school next year.

Erin wanted to make a tote for Clayton's teacher, for Teacher Appreciation Week.  She was not able to get it sewn, so I did it for her.  I liked her choice of fabric and pattern.

Townsend and Grandpa had a project while we were there.  They wanted a raised garden bed.  We had to make two trips to Lowe's to get all the lumber in the van to bring back to the house.

I think there will be some good vegetables grown in there!!

I love how Erin decorated her breakfast eating area.

Erin and David.

We had a great visit.  Thank you Kaneversky's

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