Monday, May 4, 2015

Last Wednesday we went up to Northern Kentucky to visit Matt, Amy and Abigail.  They were moving and we helped them with their move.  They have been living in a one bedroom apartment that Matt rented about nine years ago.  Needless to say they have out grown it! They were able to buy a 3 bedroom,  2 1/2 bath home.  We are very happy for them.

Matt had some guys from work that came and helped move the bigger pieces of furniture over to the house.  I spent a lot of my time putting things away in the kitchen. Howard helped with packing up thing in the apartment.  You always have things to pack up at the end.

Abigail loves being outside and playing on the deck.  I'm so happy for them to have a place for her to play.
 Baby # 2 was due April 24.  We were sure Amy would go into labor  during the move, but she didn't.  She did have a Dr. appointment on Friday.  They decided to do a stress test to make sure the baby was ok.  While she was at the Dr. I went over to the apartment with Howard and we did the last of the cleaning.  Matt and Amy were planning on helping with us, but they were gone all afternoon with appointments at the hospital.

Abigail loves having space to get around!!

I meant to get pictures of the house but forgot.  Maybe next time.

Matt and Amy took all of us out for dinner to Five Guys on the Levee Friday night.  Amy's mom, dad and brother have been her all week also.

It was very yummy!!!

They walked over to Ohio on the Purple People bridge.  I sat and waited for them.  I was having some issues with my back and didn't want to push it.  Amy and her folks just went partway.

 That is Cincinnati across the river.
The Purple People Bridge

Amy's dad and brother left Saturday morning, and we left mid morning to come home.

We should be able to see baby # 2 when we go back next week.

If Amy doesn't go into labor she will be admitted on Tuesday night and they will induce the baby Wednesday.  She is ready to deliver the baby!

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