Monday, June 29, 2015

2nd and 3rd week done in Wasilla

We have finished the first session of GraceWorks Alaska for 2015.  We have a break this week, then will have four more weeks of teams coming up after this week.

We had to pack up everything in Palmer and bring it all over to Wasilla.  The team hosts were there to help us!  When we got to Wasilla, they were not ready for us to bring our stuff into the church.  They were cleaning up from VBS.  So, we went over to Carolyn's house and ate our lunch on her deck.

Howard and James.  James is helping with worship this summer

Hannah and Natalie.  They are our team hosts this summer.

Saturday night we picked up Steve and Vicki.  They came in from Colorado.  They were supposed to be in earlier in the day but their flight got cancelled.  We picked them up at 12:30 am.

We did get  a nice sunset on the way down to Anchorage.  We got back to Wasilla and were in bed about 2:00 am.

Natalie and Hannah are setting up the table to sell GraceWorks hats and shirts.

I know we always talk about our Alaska Meals.  I thought I would show you what our Tuesday meals look like.

We always have pancakes, blueberry syrup, and reindeer sausage.

For dinner we have grilled salmon, Halibut Olympia, boiled red potatoes, Asian coleslaw, garlic cheese biscuits.

Jay and Steve are fileting the salmon.  It was fresh-caught!!

To make the halibut Howard puts melted butter in the dish and covers it with onions.

He then takes the halibut and coats it top and bottom with a mix of sour cream and mayo.

On top of that he puts shredded parmesan cheese and panko crumbs.  Then he drizzles  butter on that before he bakes it.

I'm making the coleslaw.

 Here is the finished product.

Some evenings after we get everything all cleaned up we're able to go outside and sit for a spell before we go to bed.  It is very refreshing.

On Saturday we had to go down to Anchorage.  I had a receiver wire break off on my hearing aid.  We went down to Costco to have it repaired.  They had to send it in, so I'm still without a right hearing aid.  We went to lunch at the Arctic Roadrunner.  They have such good halibut sandwiches.

Howard, Steve and Vicki

We stopped by the Ulu Factory while we were down there.  We watched people fishing in Ships Creek.

We used to cook with Steve and Vicki at Twin Peaks Bible Camp in Colorado.  It has been great to spend this two weeks with them again.  They were such a big help.

Ann, Howard, Vicki and Steve Hodges

James, Hannah, Natalie and Jay our director.

We went for a drive with Jay one night and took this picture of  the Knik arm of Cook's Inlet.  The tide was out.

A service project is done every week. This week some of the team made brownies to take to a nursing home.

The staff went out to eat one lunch.  Here we are all loaded in the van.

At a Mexican restaurant.  Yummy

Great to be together again!!

In the last blog I asked you to pray for Melissa.  Jerry and Melissa came up for a visit one night for supper.  She is doing very well.  She has an air boot on now.  She is at the church helping in Anchorage as much as she can.  Thanks for praying.  She still can't put weight on the ankle, but it is healing well.

Our teams went to Matanuska Glacier for their sight-seeing day last Saturday.  They brought this picture back to me.  It was our California team.

We took Steve and Vicki to the airport Saturday morning.  We hated to tell them good bye.  They have been such a big help to us.

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