Friday, June 12, 2015

First Week Almost Done 2015

June 12
We have almost finished our first week of volunteering with GraceWorks Alaska.  We stayed with the secretary of the church in Wasilla for two nights until we had space at the church.  Carolyn has become a very dear friend.

Her lilacs were in bloom.  She cut me some to have in my room and kitchen so I could smell them.  I love the smell of the lilac flowers.

I like this sign that Carolyn has up in her bathroom.  I think it is very true!!

We usually work out of First Baptist Church in Wasilla.  They were having VBS this week, so they couldn't house us.  We were housed at First Baptist Church in Palmer.  We are about 13 miles east of Wasilla.

view from the church parking lot

They have a very beautiful kitchen to work in.  The only draw back, with it was it is so big you have to do a lot of walking, which didn't hurt us!!

One day we had to go over to Wasilla.  As we drove by the lake, the reflections were so pretty.  We stopped and took pictures.

Howard baked pies on Thursday night.  I only got a pic of the lemon meringue.  It also tasted good too!!

We only had one team this week.  They were a youth group and their sponsors from United Methodist Church in Snellville, GA. We enjoyed getting to know them.

Last year we found this special in Palmer. They had it again this year, so one lunch when we had to be out shopping we stopped here.

That is very cheap for Alaska!

OK, I need to share one funny thing that happened to us this week.  

To get into the church we have to open this lock box to get a key.

Howard got the key out and dropped it.  It went between the slats and fell to the ground.

Howard went to the side and tried to feel underneath for the keys.

He couldn't feel it, so I got the flash light on my phone, and shined it between the slats.  Howard is laying on the ground, and I'm laying on the deck to see down between the slats.  I saw it and could guide Howard's hand.  He could barely touch it, but was able to retrieve it.  

We were just getting up when the director drove up to the church.  We are glad he wasn't  a minute earlier, or there would have been a picture for sure!!

We do have a prayer request.  Melissa Posey who  is in charge of housekeeping and park party supplies, plus lots of other things in Anchorage, fell last night at the block party.  She broke her ankle in two places. the Dr's did surgery and said it was like putting a jigsaw puzzle together.  She has screws, pins, and plates in her ankle.  She cannot put weight on it for 12 weeks.  Please pray for Melissa, and that people can be found to fill the gap.  Thanks

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