Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Indiana family comes to visit

Erin's family didn't get out of school until Friday, June 29th.  They came down that afternoon when the kids got out.  They didn't get there until night time.  We had strawberry shortcake for them.  She wanted to bring the kids down before we left for Alaska to be gone all summer.

Saturday Colter and Howard did a lot of yard work!!  They mowed and then they mulched all the trees and planters.  Erin helped me trim the rose bushes and she and McKenna helped me weed.  I will say by Saturday night things were looking pretty good outside.

Larry and Rachel came over Saturday night and we had a fire outside. It was a fun evening, after a hard day at work.  We had dessert, too.

Erin's other two boys had made cutting boards with Grandpa.  Colter had not had a chance to do that.  So, Grandpa and Colter made a cutting board.  Erin was going to  wedding, so she made a cutting board to take to the wedding.

Colter's finished project

McKenna and I worked on a sewing project.  The one we picked did not have the best directions.  We did adapt it some, but it turned out well.  It was a travel jewelry bag.  

She did have to learn how to blind stitch the binding on the case.

The finished project

Clayton still likes to have his Grandpa read to him.

The picture is a little dark, but Grandpa taught Colter to embroider last year.  His stitches are so straight and small.  He does better than I have ever done.

Erin wanted us to taste the lemonade at Chick-fil-A  , so she treated us to lunch.  I will have to say it was delicious.

Sunday night Howard and I had a couple of meetings, so Erin and the kids went over to Larry's.  We joined them when we were done. Had a fun evening cooking and playing games.

We decided to take a fun day outing to Hatcher Family Dairy.  It was kind of a dud.  We expected more.  We had taken crackers and fruit, and thought we would be able to buy cheese but there wasn't any.  They did have good chocolate milk that we bought for our picnic.

Erin left on Wednesday and we were leaving Thursday  to go to Alaska for the summer, so we wanted to clean out  the freezer of the ice cream.
Colter had four bowls, Clayton two bowls and McKenna one and half bowls.  They finished it up!!

We are in our first week of volunteering with GraceWorks Alaska as cooks again this summer.  The next post will be about that.  We will appreciate prayer for us this summer for strength and stamina.

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  1. What a great send off! Nothing beats having the grandchildren eat all of your ice cream. We will pray for your summer's work.


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