Sunday, July 12, 2015

Week 4 and 5 in Alaska

June 29 - July 11

I feel like I always write about the same thing, but hopefully there will be something new.  After we went out for our date night we came back to the church and changed our clothes and went down to Anchorage to pick up our friend, Anne.  On the way down as we were coming into Anchorage we saw a moose that went right across the road in front of us.  My camera didn't work, so I couldn't get a picture. Anne will be helping us cook again this next four weeks.

Tuesday we went over to Palmer and got hair cuts.  We went there, because the wait was shorter. Afterwards we stopped at DQ and had a 5 buck lunch again. Don't think we will go there again.  The service was very slow.  We stopped at Carolyn's and had some ice cream that evening.  The week was pretty much spent getting things organized for the following week when the teams would come again.  It was nice to be able to sleep in a little bit.  Friday we went back to Anchorage.  I had an appointment at Costco to get my hearing aid that they had sent in for repairs.  It was sure nice to have it back.  I've never gone that long without one of my hearing aids.

We went to the Alaska Heritage Museum in the Wells Fargo Bank.  It is not open on the weekend so it was nice to be able to go.
This map show the different areas the natives come from.

We had some time to kill so we went over to Wild Berry and looked around.  We also just sat and read for while.

Howard and Anne

Do you know what a rock man is?  The natives used them for hunting and navigational purposes.


Connie and Scott had invited the staff of GraceWorks to come over for dinner that night.  We had a delicious meal.  

Some of the staff serving in Anchorage and East Anchorage

Scott and Connie

We picked up Miriam, Howard's sister, at the airport.  She is also going to be helping us in the kitchen.

July 4
We opted not to go to the parade in Wasilla and headed over to Palmer.  We went to the visitor center and looked around.

They always have such beautiful flowers growing there.

We drove out to the Musk Ox farm.  We went into the gift shop and the visitor's center.  

This past week we had teams from New Jersey, NC and Southern CA.  Some of the Southern CA team was here last year, so it was fun to talk to them.  Our week pretty much goes the same every week.  We cook meals from Monday morning to Sat evening.  They do pack sack lunches on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, so we don't do meals at noon those days.

Here are some pictures of some of the food we had this week.

French toast

Homemade rolls

Lemon Meringue pie and pecan pie

Chocolate pie (before it was garnished)

Banana cream pie (before it was garnished)
He also made a peanut butter pie.

One of the fellows was given a hard time by his team mates.  He was on pain meds the day we had pies and slept most of the day.  They were really razing him about not getting any pie.  I brought out a piece of banana cream pie for breakfast for him!

We had pulled pork sandwiches and slaw for lunch on Friday.

Today we took a short break and drove out to Big Lake.  We had heard of it, but never been there.  It is a beautiful lake.

Do you want to sit a spell with me?

Tonight we had one team to feed before they went down to Anchorage to fly home.

We fixed some potato cheese soup and corn meal muffins.

Today we stopped at a little flea market and got these tomatoes.  We didn't know they were going to be this expensive.

Almost $7.  They better make good BLT sandwiches today.

The fire weed is beautiful this time of year.

The flower blossoms from the bottom up.  As fall approaches it loses its blossoms from the bottom upwards.  When there is just a blossom on the top, winter is almost here!

This is our staff here in Wasilla for this last session this summer.

Miriam is helping in the kitchen, Anne is also, Elizabeth is ministry host for Palmer Park, Hannah is ministry host for Wonderland Park, I am in the kitchen and housekeeping,Natalie is ministry host for Williwaw area and James is our worship leader.
Back Row:  Jay is our director and Howard is our lead cook!!

Thanks again for your prayers.  We really appreciate how many people have written and told us they are praying for us.  We will start all over again tonight.  We will have one team here for supper tonight.  The rest of the teams will be coming in later.

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