Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Weeks five and six in Wasilla

I really feel like our weeks are running together.  We have had some good teams come up and minister in our local parks.  The weather has been nice for the most part.  Here are some pics of some of the block parties we went to.  We have tried to go to each one at least once during the session.  Usually we are ready for showers and bed after the teams leave for the block parties.

Natalie with one of her girls from her park

It was a rainy night when we went to Wonderland party

Wonderland Park

Natalie cooking hot dogs at Williwaw

Colton and Jesse talking to a teen at Palmer Park

Elizabeth doing nails at Palmer Park

The bouncy house set up

Anne talking to a lady and her daughters

We were able to get away the last two Saturdays.  One Saturday we drove up to Talkeetna.  We left soup to be heated up for the team coming back from their sight-seeing day, so we didn't have to be there.

Howard, Anne and Miriam

Howard loves the sweet potato fries at this place.

It was interesting to see this vehicle.  We've seen it every year we go up to this little town.

Eating our ice cream.  

We always enjoy stopping at this lodge and just sitting and enjoying the scenery.

We did drive through some of the burn area in Willow.

The girls decided that they wanted to do a "Christmas in July."  Anne made a paper chain and hung it on their door, so when they got up last Thursday they were surprised coming out of their room.  The staff all went out to lunch and then came back to the church and did our gift exchange.  We did a lot of laughing.

Natalie, Howard, Miriam, Elizabeth, Anne, Hannah and Jay

Elizabeth got this shirt for Howard.  You can see why we had a good time.  They were very clever with their gifts.

Hannah, Ann and Natalie

Last Saturday we did not have to fix a meal, so we drove out on Glen Highway.  This is the Matanuska River.  It's what they call a braided river.  It loops over on itself.

We drove into Victory Bible Camps.  Howard and I met a couple that works there when we were delayed in Fargo, ND last spring.  Anne knew people who worked here years ago.  Carolyn (the church receptionist) and her husband worked two summers out here when they were building the lodge.

Anne, Miriam and Howard
We found a bench on the lake where we sat and ate our lunch.

When we left the camps we drove up the highway a few miles so we could view the Matanuska Glacier.

Our team from our home church, Parkway Baptist, is here this week, along with a team from NC.  It is nice seeing someone from home.

This is our last week to serve with GraceWorks.  Thanks again for your prayers.  We are holding up pretty good for two old people!!  Keep those prayers going.  Saturday is pack up day.  Howard, Anne and Miriam will work on all the kitchen things and the three staff girls will help me with all the air mattresses, blankets, and etc.  We will go to the laundromat and wash all the blankets.  It's a lot of work,  but we know more what we are doing this year.

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