Sunday, August 16, 2015

Good bye Alaska and Hello Idaho: Good bye Idaho and Hello Tennessee

Another summer done in Alaska.  It's always fun to see people come back up on teams we met other years, and meet new friends.

August 8, we were ready to say good bye to Alaska.

Pastor Stephen and Dana took us to Anchorage to fly out.  We stopped at Lucky Wishbone in Anchorage and had a delicious chicken dinner .  We had not made it there this year, so glad we could do it on our way out.  It is very good fired chicken.

Our flight wasn't until 2:00 am.  We spent some time at the airport just walking around and reading.  We flew to Seattle and then Boise.  I don't sleep real well on a plane without my CPAP.  I did get a little bit of sleep.

Cheryl picked us up and we made a couple of stops and drove out to their place in Homedale.  The girls were busy getting corn ready to freeze.

Josie cutting the corn off the cob

Emily cooking the corn

It is very good corn.  We had some for a couple of meals.  Man, was it sweet!!   They grow Bodacious corn.

Howard and I did take a nap that morning!!

It has been a different visit with Cheryl and the girls working.  Josh did drive down from Spokane (where he works for Horizon Air)  for a couple of days.  We went into town with him one day.

Grandpa, Grandma and Josh

Cheryl and Josh

Cheryl did take Thursday off.  She had a Dr. appointment and then we went into Nampa and did some grocery shopping.

The girls worked for Blue Barn this summer.  They are hard workers.  They have been picking corn this week.  They have weeded, and picked peppers and all kinds of farm labor.  They both will be leaving for Idaho State in Pocatello next Thursday.  Emily will be going into her fourth year as a nursing student and Josie will be a freshman.

RaeAnne came out from Boise last night to see us.  She works for Horizon Air in Boise.

Josie, Cheryl, RaeAnne and Emily

Josie, RaeAnne, Grandma and Emily.

We have done things for Cheryl while she works.  We canned the last of the peaches the other day.

Howard made a couple of rhubarb pies

I've done laundry made bread and tried  to have dinner ready when everyone came home.  

Ann and Cheryl.  Cheryl is our middle girl.

We've had a pretty bad forest fire near here.  Some of the homes in Homedale had to evacuate.  It was a little south of us here and across the Snake River.  The skies are looking a lot clearer today.  It has been very smokey.

On the last post I  told you we were taking Larry and Mark to the airport to go bear hunting and fishing.  Don't know what happened with the bear hunt.  Larry said it was a bust.  But, they did get to fish.

Last night we all got invited over to Gary and Patti Rose's house.  Gary and Patti were our friends years ago in California.  They moved up here about 3 years ago.  It is always good to spend the evening with them.  Patti had a delicious meal. Howard baked a peach and lemon meringue pie to take over.  Our friend Starla from Casper, WY was down for her father-in-laws memorial service.  It was a bonus that we got to see Starla and her daughter Leanne. Starla used to go camping with us when our kids were small.   Her husband, Richard, was with family so we didn't see him.

Patti and Gary Rose

Starla and Leanne Kull

Emily, Harold, Cheryl and Josie

The girls were just finishing up cleaning out the chicken house when we left.  They are leaving for Idaho State in Pocatello on Thursday.



This is one of Harold's latest projects.  He's building a shed to keep wood in, so they have some dry wood.

We are at the Boise airport ready to fly home to La Vergne.  We will sleep in our own bed tonight.
We are thankful for the summer that we have had.
Thanks again for all of your prayers and notes you have sent.
See you TN folks soon!!


When we got home we found several sticky notes.  Erin  and David came down one weekend while we were gone.  They said they left 400 of them  We have only found 133 so far.  We have a long way to go.

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