Saturday, August 8, 2015

Leaving Alaska Summer 2015

It hardly seems possible that it is time to leave Alaska.  We got some time off Saturday before the last teams came in.  We drove out to Victory Bible Camp to look around.
Anne knew a couple that worked at Victory several years ago. It is a beautiful setting.  We are standing on the deck at the lodge.

This is Victory Peak

We packed a lunch that day, so we sat beside the lake and ate it.  It was so peaceful!!

We then drove out by the Matanuska Glacier. We wanted Miriam to see what one looked like.

One night we were sitting out enjoying some down time while the teams were gone.  
Dana (pastor's wife) had bought lawns chairs for us to use this year.  It was so nice to sit out for a bit before we showered and crawled into bed.

Miriam, Jay (our director), Dana

Anne and Howard

Our team from Parkway, TN was here the last week.  We enjoyed seeing someone from home.
Here they are working on a craft in the girls room.

The guys had to get in on it too!!

The service project that week was to fill backpacks with school supplies and food for the kids in the park they were serving.

Colton, Joanna, Kelsey, Ryan, Jessie, Landon, Erik, Destanie and Heather

Fooling around in the kitchen with the three girl team hosts.
Ann, Hannah, Natalie, Elizabeth and Anne

Elizabeth lead chapel that last Friday.   She had everyone come up on the platform for the singing.  Afterwards we moved back to the pews and different people shared about their week.  We always try to get upstairs for the Friday Chapel.

The last Saturday when the teams all leave for their sightseeing trip we have to clean up everything and pack it up.  Howard, Anne and Miriam worked on the kitchen things.  The three girls and I got all the air mattresses rolled up and pillows bagged up.  I needed to wash the blankets, so we loaded them all up and went to the laundromat.

Here are all the blankets in the dryers.
I think we washed about 50+ blankets.

Sunday our son Larry and Grandson Mark flew in from Nashville.  They had a bear hunting and fishing trip planned.  Our grandson, Josh, from Spokane flew up also for a couple of days.

We met them in Anchorage 

Larry treated us to dinner at The Sour Dough Mining Company.  It was a good meal.

On the way back up to Wasilla, we hiked  back into Thunder Bird Falls.  I only made it about 1/2 way.

On Monday morning we went out to the Iditarod Trail Headquarters.  
This couple brings their dogs out everyday for people to see and ride if they want to.  We take our GraceWorks teams out to the headquarters every Tuesday morning.  Jay takes two dinners out every Tuesday evening, so they can have the salmon and halibut.  They love Howard's cooking.  We talked to them.  They wanted to give Howard and I a ride on the dog pulled wagon.

We enjoyed the ride.

We drove over Hatcher Pass with the family.

Josh, Howard, Larry and Mark

It was fun watching this hang glider.

We stopped at Independence Mine to eat lunch and hike around the mine area.

We stopped for awhile at the Little Susitna River.  It's one of my favorite places to visit.

Howard, Ann, Mark, Josh and Larry



It was a fun-filled day.  We ate dinner at the Noisy Goose in Palmer, and then went over and visited our friend Carolyn.  Her family all loves to hunt and the guys enjoyed talking to her.

Early Tuesday (4:00 am) Larry and Mark took Josh to Anchorage to the airport.  We all went to Anchorage about 7:30 to take Larry and Mark to a small airport in Anchorage.  They are bear hunting and fishing this week.

We went to a small museum in Anchorage and then went to the Arctic Roadrunner to have  halibut sandwiches.

Howard, Anne, and Miriam

Wednesday afternoon we took Anne and Miriam to the airport in Anchorage.  Thursday Howard and I finished packing up our things so we would be ready to leave Alaska.  
Friday we drove over to Palmer to get haircuts and to take a few more pictures.

We have had such a good summer in Alaska.  The weather was great.  Thank you so much for praying for us.  You will never know how much we appreciated those prayers.

A friend told me there is an Alaskan saying.

When the fireweed turns to cotton,
Summer is soon forgotten.

Even though summer is almost over in Alaska I don't think we will forget the summer  

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