Monday, September 28, 2015

Family and Friends

We have been blessed by trips to CA and east TN to see family.  Since we got home from Alaska we have seen 26 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.  We are very blessed.

We made a quick  trip to CA to see family and friends.  I apologize for those we didn't see. Our schedule was full.  We even got in a dentist appointment.

We saw our son John and his family.

Rebecca (granddaughter) Jeanie, John (son) Calvin (great grandchild) Mark

Mark, Calvin (great grandchild) and Rebecca (granddaughter)

Rick (son) and his family

Richard(grandchild), Kristin, Waylan, and Haylie (great grandchildren)
Christina (grandchild), Matt, Zoe and Devin (great grandchildren)
Luke (grandchild) and Hope his finance

 Jacob (grandchild) Diana, Charity (grandchild) Rick (son)

We had delicious meals at each son's house.  It was so good to see all of them.  It's been two years since we were in CA.

 Grandpa, Grandma, Townsend (grandchild).  Townsend is going to college in CA.

We also saw a cousin and daughter, but I forgot to take a picture.  It was good to spend time with Marilyn and Kim.  They also had a great meal  for us.  

We were able to see some friends also.  We stayed with friends, Larry and Sandy Marsh.  We met them when we went on a mission trip to Thailand in 2008.  We've been great friends since then.

Fish/shrimp taco's are great!!  So yummy.

We both got to spend some time with teachers we worked with.
Mary (English), Lesley (librarian), Bob (English), and Howard (Typing)
They all taught at Hughes Middle School in Long Beach.  We've been able to keep up the friendships.

I also went to the school that I worked at as an instructional aide and computer teacher.  There are still 6 teachers that are there that I worked with.  I retired 15 years ago.  It was good to see them.

When Howard and  I were going through our cancer treatments back in 2002 and 2003, we both went to support groups at the hospital and we had a wonderful facilitator, Dani. We have kept in contact, but haven't seen her in years.  Dani had breast cancer herself this last year.  We spent some time visiting at the hospital.  It was great to see her.

Howard, Ann and Dani

We also had to hit a couple of eating places we don't have here in TN.
In and Out Burger.

And our all time favorite, El Pollo Loco

They have the best seasoning on their chicken.

We got to see a few friends while we were there.

Joan and Ron Mosley

Howard, Ann Nelson, and Ann

 Howard, Ann,  Karen and Jon
Who says old people can't do selfies!!

Ann, Larry, Sandy, Jim and Cathy Parkhurst

 We finished out our trip at Frostbites.  John told us about it.  It's very good and addictive.

Thanks, Larry and Sandy for hosting us and letting us come and go as our schedule demanded.

We were home one day and went over to Laurie's in east TN.  One night Laurie made homemade corn tortillas.  They were very yummy.

After she set them and had them set out all day she rolled them out.

She used a camale and then rolled them out with a rolling pin

 She grilled them on a cast iron griddle
The finished product!

Brett and Laurie (daughter)

Hunter, Daria, and Hannah (grandchildren)

Noah (grandchild)

Chase (grandchild) and his rabbit, Miss Pooper

Last night Hunter was baptized in the creek.  It was thrilling that we got to go over and see that happen.

We are home for awhile now.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Quick Catch UP

The next week when we got home from Matt's, Laurie and her girls made a quick trip over here.  They have to take Christopher to meet his in-laws, because flights were full.  We enjoyed having them here for a night.

Hannah, Laurie, Grandma and Daria

We made a quick trip up to Indiana last week.  Erin and David wanted to get away for a couple of days and we stayed with the kids.

We got there Thursday afternoon after school.  Erin and David dad left that morning.

I enjoyed playing games with Clayton and Colter.
They are both very good at Cribbage.  

 Clayton is just learning, but he is doing very well.

Colton skunked me twice after I won once!!

We also had fun playing B Rummy

The kids had activities so they were in and out all weekend.

Howard made baked donuts for Saturday morning breakfast.

Mc Kenna and Colter

Colter had had lateral release surgery on his knee.  He is doing therapy now.  Grandpa helped with that.

He has to regulate the electrical impulses, I think!!

McKenna helped me in the kitchen.

Howard had showed Colter how to embroider a couple of years ago.  He does beautiful work.  He wanted Howard to show him how to cross stitch this visit.

He did very well with that.

He's going to be  as good as his grandpa!!

McKenna wanted me to teach her how to crochet.  She did well picking that up.

McKenna and Erin ready for church

We left Sunday morning when they left for church.  We were able to listen to our church service on the way home, through the car radio.  That was good to feel apart of our service.

The sky was so pretty on the way home.

Last night Erin texted me.  One kid was on her left and one on her right.

 I guess they are hooked!!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Kentucky Visit

This blog is really about family.  We went up to No. KY last week to see Matt, Amy and girls.  We had not seen them all summer.  Evelyn was only two weeks old when we saw her last.  My, what a change.  We are so  thankful Matt sends us pictures, or we would not have known her.

Evelyn and Abigail

We got the girls "moose" shirts.  I should have gotten them both bigger shirts.  They won't wear them long!!

Abigail doing table time with her animals.

Evelyn is such a contented girl.  She will just lay around and look at things and smile.

Matt wanted to make some donuts with Howard.  They adapted the recipe so that Abigail could have her first donut.  They used coconut milk and egg replacer.

They were yummy!!

Abigail is ready to go shopping with Howard, Amy, Evelyn and I.  She loves the purse that Auntie Laurie made for her.

Amy wanted to make pasties while we were there.  Pasties are made in Northern Michigan.  When I was in high school my folks rented out a room to college students at Central Michigan University.  One of the guys we rented to, came from a family that had a pastie stand in the upper peninsula of Michigan.  We have always used their recipe.  It is a pastry dough that you put chopped sirloin, potato, onion and rutabaga in it.

Abigail also liked them.  You dip them in ketchup when you eat them.  Ketchup is called, "upper gravy" for people from the upper peninsula of Michigan.

I had to have a picture with Grandma before we left.  It was hard to leave them.

After we left we got a call from our grandson, Christopher.  Christopher lives in CO, but he was in the area and was going to be driving down to his folks in Ocoee.  We went back to Amy's house and met up with him.  We enjoyed spending time with him and having lunch together.

Christopher, Grandma, Abigail and Grandpa.

Abigail wasn't too sure about her cousin, Christopher.

We said our second good-byes and drove back to Tennessee

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