Thursday, September 3, 2015

Kentucky Visit

This blog is really about family.  We went up to No. KY last week to see Matt, Amy and girls.  We had not seen them all summer.  Evelyn was only two weeks old when we saw her last.  My, what a change.  We are so  thankful Matt sends us pictures, or we would not have known her.

Evelyn and Abigail

We got the girls "moose" shirts.  I should have gotten them both bigger shirts.  They won't wear them long!!

Abigail doing table time with her animals.

Evelyn is such a contented girl.  She will just lay around and look at things and smile.

Matt wanted to make some donuts with Howard.  They adapted the recipe so that Abigail could have her first donut.  They used coconut milk and egg replacer.

They were yummy!!

Abigail is ready to go shopping with Howard, Amy, Evelyn and I.  She loves the purse that Auntie Laurie made for her.

Amy wanted to make pasties while we were there.  Pasties are made in Northern Michigan.  When I was in high school my folks rented out a room to college students at Central Michigan University.  One of the guys we rented to, came from a family that had a pastie stand in the upper peninsula of Michigan.  We have always used their recipe.  It is a pastry dough that you put chopped sirloin, potato, onion and rutabaga in it.

Abigail also liked them.  You dip them in ketchup when you eat them.  Ketchup is called, "upper gravy" for people from the upper peninsula of Michigan.

I had to have a picture with Grandma before we left.  It was hard to leave them.

After we left we got a call from our grandson, Christopher.  Christopher lives in CO, but he was in the area and was going to be driving down to his folks in Ocoee.  We went back to Amy's house and met up with him.  We enjoyed spending time with him and having lunch together.

Christopher, Grandma, Abigail and Grandpa.

Abigail wasn't too sure about her cousin, Christopher.

We said our second good-byes and drove back to Tennessee

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