Monday, September 14, 2015

Quick Catch UP

The next week when we got home from Matt's, Laurie and her girls made a quick trip over here.  They have to take Christopher to meet his in-laws, because flights were full.  We enjoyed having them here for a night.

Hannah, Laurie, Grandma and Daria

We made a quick trip up to Indiana last week.  Erin and David wanted to get away for a couple of days and we stayed with the kids.

We got there Thursday afternoon after school.  Erin and David dad left that morning.

I enjoyed playing games with Clayton and Colter.
They are both very good at Cribbage.  

 Clayton is just learning, but he is doing very well.

Colton skunked me twice after I won once!!

We also had fun playing B Rummy

The kids had activities so they were in and out all weekend.

Howard made baked donuts for Saturday morning breakfast.

Mc Kenna and Colter

Colter had had lateral release surgery on his knee.  He is doing therapy now.  Grandpa helped with that.

He has to regulate the electrical impulses, I think!!

McKenna helped me in the kitchen.

Howard had showed Colter how to embroider a couple of years ago.  He does beautiful work.  He wanted Howard to show him how to cross stitch this visit.

He did very well with that.

He's going to be  as good as his grandpa!!

McKenna wanted me to teach her how to crochet.  She did well picking that up.

McKenna and Erin ready for church

We left Sunday morning when they left for church.  We were able to listen to our church service on the way home, through the car radio.  That was good to feel apart of our service.

The sky was so pretty on the way home.

Last night Erin texted me.  One kid was on her left and one on her right.

 I guess they are hooked!!

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