Monday, October 26, 2015

Texas Mission Trip part One

We had six of us from our church going on a mission trip to Texas.  We all went up to BNA, on Friday in one of our team member's van.  His wife brought us up.  

We got all checked in and were just chatting away when I noticed a line forming at the counter.  I got up and looked and saw that our flight to Dallas had been cancelled because of weather.  So we waited in line to get another flight.  Finally we got booked on another flight for Saturday afternoon.

We called George's van to come back and pick us up.

Saturday afternoon we repeated what we had done Friday.  We did make the flight!!
We were happy camper's 

We got picked up by the mission director, his wife and the school nurse.  

We are staying at the guest house.  We were very pleasantly surprised how nice it is.

Sunday morning we went to church with the mission director.  We went to First Baptist Church here in McAllen.  We sat in Gerson Tejeda's SS class.  Gerson is the husband of my cousin.  Betsy and Gerson are missionaries here.

The children's choir sang during the service and Gerson sang with them.  

After church we came home and changed clothes.  The director, Jorge, took us down to Mexico.  We had to make a couple of detours to get there, because of flooding.

We parked on the US side of the border and walked across into Mexico.

George, Howard, Ann, Cheri (a girl from MI that joined our team), Kay, Alan and Walter.

Jorge took us to a very nice restaurant.  The food was delicious.

Tortilla chips

Cheri, Kay and Ann

Howard, Walter, George, Jorge and Alan
 Been a while since I've seen a bottle like this.

 Chipotle Chicken
 Chicken Fajita
 Beef Fajita
Beef milanesa

coconut chicken

We went in a shop and looked around some before we came back to McAllen.

Today the women helped at Taylor Christian School.  Cheri and Kay subbed for the 3-year old class.  I helped a teacher that has 3rd,  4th and 5th graders.

They did the pledges in the morning before the kids were dismissed to their classes.

This is the classroom I helped in.

The guys have worked all day on tearing out a deck and building a new one.  They have gotten a good start.

 The old deck
 Bushes that had to come out.
 Bushes are out.
Getting ready to start on the new deck.

 Getting lumber
 Starting on the framing

There's always a clown in the group!!

The guys will continue to work on the deck in the morning and we aren't exactly sure what we women are going to be doing.

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