Saturday, October 31, 2015

Texas Mission Trip part Two

We are home and what an incredible trip we had.  I could not have asked for a better team to go with us.  They were awesome!!  Most of this post will be pics we took.  The men worked everyday on the deck, steps and ramp.  It was a stretch for them but boy did they work and do a wonderful job.  They were on their feet about 8 hours everyday.  

 There was some electrical work that had to be done also.  Roberto helped some with that.

 George, John (missionary) and Roberto, a national

Gerson has to make sure it is level!!

 Then even had Kay and I got to do some of the drilling!!  They were desperate!

The cook even got in on the action.  Howard was hoping to get out there more, but he was busy in the kitchen.

The clown is still here!!

The ramp is being put in place.  It was interesting to see them get to this phase.  Boy were they relaxed and knew exactly what they were doing.  It was amazing to watch.

 The finished project.

The dream team with their leader.  (cough cough)
Alan, Walter, George and Ann

We had given Edson and Jayden cars, and they enjoyed playing with them on the deck.

That took up every day with the guys time.
Howard was busy in the kitchen fixing us delicious meals.  Believe me we don't eat like this at home.  He had home made rolls every night for dinner. One morning we had home made bread for the french toast.

Betsy and Gerson ate with us every noon.  Betsy is assistant director for the Texas/Mexico border ministries.
Every evening we had a different missionary or family in for dinner and then they shared their story with us.  It was thrilling for all of us.  It was the high light of our day.

These are some of the activities that we ladies did during the day.

Betsy had a dream of starting a used clothes closet for people in the area.  She based it from the scripture where God talks about even the sparrows have a nest and we are more important and God  will take care of us.

 Clothes are donated here.  Her church also gives them a lot of clothes.

 Cheri and I spent a morning in there taking care of donations and getting the room straightened up.  They are having a community gathering tonight and they are going to give away 3 bags of clothing to every familiy.  She needs to move out the summer clothes in order to have room to put out the winter clothes.

 Kay spent that morning talking with the school nurse.  The school has never had a school nurse and Kay has had many years experience working as a school nurse.  She was so helpful to Hailey.

Kay and Cheri also spent some time doing yard work.  Cheri spent one day over at the school doing yard work.

 I spent some more time in the class room. One of the teachers wasn't feeling very well so I helped her out.  I loved it when I was an instructional aid at our school in CA, so it was nice to get back into the classroom.

Wednesday night was bible club at Taylor Community Center.  Betsy asked Kay and I if we would work up a skit to go along with her bible lesson.  That was a lot of fun, and the kids paid attention.

 Going over the verses with the children

 Our skit

Betsy doing the bible lesson.

I feel really bad I never got over to the soccer field.  That is a big part of the ministry here in McAllen. Gerson worked very hard getting the soccer field in and forming teams.  They have several teams.  It is a real witness to the community.

Our evenings were spent together having devotions and debriefing the day.  What a good time that was for all of us.

I wished I had gotten pictures of each missionary family there, but I didn't.

Ann and Betsy. (Besty's mom and I are first cousins.)

Friday morning we got up to rain, but the work was all done.  Gerson picked us up and took us to the airport.  We got breakfast at the airport.

Our flights were pretty uneventful.  The last leg, they did move Howard and I to another seat because my seat wouldn't sit upright.

InSuk met us at the airpot and we dropped Walter off at his house.  Martha had treats for all of us.

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