Tuesday, January 5, 2016

November and December

A lot has happened since I last blogged!  It was a busy time with family, for which we are thankful.  We went to Laurie's for Thanksgiving.  Laurie lives in east TN.  Larry and Rachel came over from Nolensville and Matt and Amy came from Covington, KY.

We cooked our turkey outside on the frame.  The weather was beautiful.  And, because we come from a family of cooks, we had more food than we could even think about eating!!

This is the view from Laurie's loft
The fireplace.  I love a real wood fire
It was a beautiful day.
 Just some of the food

 Rachel, Brett, Nanny, Marie, Larry and Ann
 Chase, Larry Amy, Howard, Laurie, Hunter, Rachel and Brett
Daria, Zane, Hannah and Noah

 Laurie and Larry
Abigail and Evelyn on the deck

We went over on Tuesday and stayed until Saturday. It was a good family time for us that could be there.


We made a quick trip up to Erin's near Indianapolis to see the school concert that McKenna was in. 

 We also also went over to Laurie's and took Christmas gifts and stayed a night with them.  She had her house decorated so pretty.

 I don't have a picture of the full tree.  It was HUGE!!

This is the reason we celebrate Christmas.

Our anniversary was the 22nd of December.  It was number 54!!  We went to a Japanese Steak House and had dinner.

 This is in Smyrna, just a couple of miles from us.
 It's been a long time, baby!!

Yummy food.
After dinner we went to see a movie.  No, we are not Star Wars fans, so we picked another one.
We both liked the movie.

December 23rd we had Larry, Rachel and family over for our Christmas.  We had dinner, opened gifts and played games.  It was a fun evening.

 Rachel, Emily (Mark's girl friend), Mark and Erik
 Zane (profile)

On December 24th we drove up to Erin's.  We spent Christmas Eve with them.  We went to church with them, visited friends and then friends come over to the house.
They have a tradition on Christmas morning of having aebleskivers for breakfast with raspberry sauce.

 We got our first pan for cooking these in Solvang, CA several years ago.  The grandkids always love them, and most of the kids have their own pans now.
Yum, yum

We spent the day opening gifts, playing games and eating.  Erin fixed a delicious turkey. It was a fun relaxing day.
While Howard was in Romania I stitched up a quilt top for him.  I gave it to him for Christmas. He had done the cross stitch of the states and I had never pieced it for him.  He will spend the winter quilting it.  The first twenty five are done and hanging in our stairwell.

That night we went downtown Indianapolis to see the lights.

December 27th was my birthday.  We went to church and then came home for a light lunch.  We did go to the mall for a bit.  It was not McKenna's and my favorite thing to do, so we sat and played a game part of the time.

Erin fixed a good dinner of turkey soup for my birthday.  I requested it.  It tasted so good.

Townsend and Grandpa made crescent rolls also.

 Clayton, Townsend, Ann, Howard, McKenny and Colter
Erin and David

McKenna made me a frozen chocolate, peanut butter pie.  Oh my, was it rich!!!

Kaneversky picture
Townsend, McKenna, Colter
Clayton, David and Erin

On Monday we left the Kaneversky's and drove over to Matt and Amy's to spend a few days.  It was fun to be with little kids, too.  That Monday was the last day of Christmas Town at the Creation Museum, where Matt works.  He was working late.  We had rain all the way to their house and on the way out to the museum.  We met Matt and ate dinner and then the rain stopped.  It was a beautiful night to walk around the lake.
Abigail and Grandpa waiting for the tram. I love this picture.

Beautiful sculpture.  I think I read somewhere it is paper mache'.

The walk around the lake.

Wednesday Matt had off so we made a trip to their new Costco and picked up some things.
Abigail and her hot dog and Evelyn
Matt and Amy went to see Star Wars so we got to stay with the girls.

 Evelyn is reaching for the tree.  
 I made Abigail an apron to match her Mom's I made last year.
Evelyn was not feeling well, most of the time we were there, but she still had a smile on her face.

The girls love to be read to, and Grandpa and Grandma love doing it too.

We are thankful for family that are close.  We miss those that aren't.

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