Sunday, March 13, 2016

Two Weeks in Alaska

Howard and I came up two weeks ago to serve with GraceWorks Alaska.  We had some teams coming up to volunteer for the Iditarod and to do service projects here in Anchorage.  Howard and I cook for the teams coming up.

The first week, we had a friend from Michigan come and and he helped us get a head start.  Don was in our youth group at church the first three years we were married.

 Don cooking down some bacon.  He also frosted all the Hungry Boy Cookies.

Howard and I did get away for a halibut burger.  We try to hit it every year we come up.  We didn't eat outside this time.

Don invited Howard to go to the mushers dinner with him.   That was a lot of fun for Howard.

Just cooking a meal.

This was a FULL pot of chili we made one day.  It was all gone after lunch.

Our teams go up to Willow and set up the orange fencing for the Iditarod.  It's a lot of work.  Then on the day of the race they are busy working security at various places.  We are housed in a little Baptist Church in Willow for one night.  We take up all of our food and equipment and fix our teams dinner on Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning. (the day of the race). When the race is done they take down all the fencing.

People coming to the race.

Denali was beautiful.  It was a gorgeous day!!  We had to head back down to Anchorage and have dinner ready for our teams.  They were a tired bunch of people that came in.

When they are in Anchorage the teams helped at the homeless shelter, served at the soup kitchen, passed out free coffee at the bus station, and met the kids at the parks when they got off the school bus.  They had PB and J sandwiches.  They also worked at the Boys and Girls club.

Most of the teams left Wednesday night.  Our time of cooking was done.  Two of the ladies stayed a couple of days.  We took them up to Wasilla on Thursday.  Scott was going to take us flying.  He was going to pick us up in Palmer.  The plane had trouble starting so he had to cancel.  We ate lunch at the Noisy Goose while we were there.

Ann, Robin and Kez

I love this sign they had up in the restaurant.  They have several signs posted.

Friday, Scott ended up flying Howard and I out to the second stop for the Iditarod.  It's the first time we have flown out to the bush.  It was a lot of fun.

 Hay fields
One of the rivers we flew over.
More of the bush country.

The runway was very icy

Ann and Howard

Scott (president of GraceWorks)


Runway from the air

We were going to walk down to the Swentna roadhouse but it was too ice.  You will see the hay that was put down for the dogs to rest.

downtown Anchorage

One of the teams cut out this moose from a pattern that Scott ordered.  They will use it in the summer ministry.    

Ann   Howard     Robin   Kez

Howard and I decided that we were going to get a King Crab meal while we were up here.  We had never had one.  I was asking Connie (Scott's wife ) the name of a good restaurant.  They invited us to have dinner with them.  They took us to Simon and Seafort's last night.  It was a very nice place to eat.

We shared dessert.  

Connie and Scott

The restaurant was right on the bay!!

Today Howard and I drove up to Wasilla.  This is the place we serve in the summer.  The church secretary and Howard have March birthdays, so we went out for dinner at Red Robin and celebrated.  

The pastor's wife has been in the hospital.  We stopped by to see her, and she was just being discharged.  We were glad we got to see her for a few minutes.

We had to run to the post office to mail some books home.  On the way back from the post office we saw a moose along side the road.

When we got back to the church we took a sunset picture.  We don't see them in the summer, because we aren't usually up that late.

It has been a great two weeks.  We flew home all night last night.  Our bed will feel good tonight.  We are going to try and stay awake until bed time tonight.

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