Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Howard and I went on a 4750 mile road trip.  We have not driven out west since we moved to TN.  We really enjoyed being on our own schedule.  Our first destination was to go to our daughter's house in Wilder, Id.  We made the choice to go I-80 on our way out.  We didn't want to get caught in a snowstorm.

We did stop at the Archway Monument for a little bit.  We have stopped here and gone through it a couple of times.  We didn't take the time to go up in it this year.

We stopped in Gothenburg, NB at an original Pony Express station.  We always used to stop here with the kids when we would go this way.

We did have snow going across western Nebraska and Wyoming.

Notice all the snow fencing.  When the wind is blowing, the fences help keep the snow off the highways.

We wanted to go to Cheryl and Harold's house this time of year, so we could spend more time with the girls.  When we go in the summer, they are all working,  Emily and Josie were home from Idaho State for spring break.

 Playing a game with Josie
Emily and Josie fixing dinner one night.

One night we fixed a Steel head that Cheryl had in the freezer.  RaeAnne and I had never filleted a fish, so we had fun doing it.  We took the head off before we baked it!!

Howard, Josie, Cheryl and Emily

Cheryl took Friday off, it was Howard's birthday.  We went into town to do some grocery shopping.

Howard wanted a carrot cake for his birthday, so the girls and I baked him one.

77 years old makes for a LOT of candles!

Hurry girls, before the cake melts

Did he blow them all out?  Yes he did! With only one breath!
It was as good as it looked.

 He got an Idaho State shirt.  This is where Josie and Emily go to school

RaeAnne, Josie, Howard and Emily

Saturday night before Easter we had a breakfast dinner.  We made our pancakes to look like bunny rabbits.

After church and lunch on Easter we left with the girls and drove part way across the state with them.  We told them good-bye just before we went south into Utah and they went north to Pocatello. 

We visited friends in Colorado and visited our grandson and his wife in Grand Junction.  They treated us to a meal of jack fruit BBQ.  It was very good.

Jessie and Christopher

I will definitely try making it sometime.

We surprised some other friends while we were in Grand Junction.  Cal and his wife Jan were the directors at Twin Peaks Bible Camp where Howard and I cooked for 27 summer.

Jan and Cal Sheppard

We also went to see Kevin and Lori Sheppard, but I forgot to get pictures.

We stayed with our friends Steve and Vicki Hodges in Hotchkiss, CO. 

Vicki and Steve

Howard and Ann
It was Steve and Vicki's anniversary while we were there, so we treated them to dinner at 
Daveto's.  It has the best white pizza!!

Howard, Steve and I  shared the pizza.  Vicki had a calzone.

Poor baby!  All puckered up because it is going to be eaten!

Steve and Vicki drove us up to the camp.  The snow and wind had collapsed the chapel roof.  

This is the dining hall and kitchen that we have spent a lot of time in.

Lots of snow!!!

This is the cabin that Howard, Matt and I spent many a summer in.

It's a tradition to climb up Old Man Mountain in the summer.  Steve and Vicki are standing in front of it.

A new bath and wash house is being built.  It will be nice when it gets all done!!

We left Steve and Vicki's and drove across CO on our way home.  I have an aunt in Denver that we stopped to spend some time with.  

Aunt Jeanne and Ann

We went to see our friend, Anne in NW Arkansas on our way back to TN.  We have known Anne for 55 + years.  She was at our wedding.

They had a widows banquet at their church that afternoon and we were privileged to take Anne.  A couple always takes a widow to the banquet.

Howard   and    Anne
Anne and Ann

We are so thankful for the time we were there.  God is so good in the timing of our visit.  Anne's Mom had gone in the hospital a couple of days before we came.  She was failing fast.  We spent a lot of time with Anne at the hospital.  We were with Anne on Tuesday when her Mom passed into her heavenly home.  Thanks be to God for allowing us to be there with Anne.

We came home last Wednesday and I (Ann) left on Friday morning to go to Gatlinburg for a women's mission conference.   It was very good.  But..... my bed sure felt good when we got back.

Martha, Phyllis and Juanice

Martha, Phyllis and Ann
Martha, Juanice, Ann and Phyllis

We shared some good meals together!!  Such a fun time with friends.

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