Monday, December 5, 2016

November 2016

Where has the time gone.  November came and went.  We had three sets of company come.  Miriam (Howard's sister) and her friend, Carolyn, came for a couple of days from Florida.  Carolyn was just finishing up chemo, so we just relaxed and played a lot of games.  Tammy and Elroy came from Michigan and did a concert for our church.  We had it in a barn that friends of ours have.  It was a good evening.  Robin and Kez came next.   They are friends of ours from NC that we met in Alaska.  They have served with GraceWorks several times.  The Christmas lights at The Gaylord Opryland Hotel had been turned on that weekend so we took them up to see the lights.
 Tree made from poinsettia's.  Robin and Kez
 Some of the magnolia trees wrapped in lights.
 Luke 2 passage of the birth of Christ
 The outdoor nativity.  There is a loud speaker with the voice of someone reading the Luke 2 passage.
One of the areas inside.

I also got two puzzles finished.  One was one that Laurie got me of the National Parks.  It was so fun doing it and remembering all the National Parks that we have visited.

Cheryl got me a puzzle for my birthday last year and I had not had a chance to do it.  I did get it done.

The 14th of November I had surgery.  Erin came down to spend a few days with us.  She took this pic of me just before surgery.

Then she took this pic after surgery.  She thought it was so funny.  I'm sleeping on the bed, and Howard is sleeping on the chair.

I was in overnight and then came home.  I've been doing well.  I just can't lift, do housework and etc for 8 weeks.  Howard has been a BIG help!!

Larry had Thanksgiving at his house this year.  Matt, Amy and the girls came down from Northern KY, and Laurie, Brett and three of their kids came from east TN.

 Howard and Matt made pies here at our house.
 Pumpkin (Howard)
Apple (Matt)
Rachel had such a pretty table set.

Coming from a family of cooks, we did not lack for food!!

The kids that were staying here had promised to help Howard put up our Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving.  
They were so helpful.  Thanks to Laurie, Brett, Hunter, Daria, Matt, Amy and Abigail!!  I'm very grateful!!

Brett was the master stringer of lights.

Matt putting my glass blocks over hutch

Laurie doing my side board.

It was always Matt's job to do the nativity set up.  He and Abigail did it this year.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.

I have some wooden figures that I painted several years ago.  I usually set them up in the window sill in the kitchen, like this.

I gave the box to Abigail and told her she could set them up in the window sill.  This is how she set them up!

They are all looking outside.  I love how she did it!!

I had a little ceramic sheep around here.  I gave it to Abigail.  After they left I found it in the nativity.  I guess I will keep it there!!

Brett, Laurie and family left Sunday morning to go home.

Hunter, Brett, Laurie, Ryan and Daria

My oldest and youngest children.
Evelyn (grandchild), Matt and Laurie

Abigail, Matt, Amy and Evelyn ready to leave Monday morning.

Matt sent this pic when they got home Monday night.
Abigail and Evelyn

I love reading to the girls when they are here.  This book belonged to Matt when he was little.

I pray you have a very Blessed Christmas.

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